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DELSA is designed to address the clearly identified need (in Ireland and across Europe) to provide immediate and concrete training and educational resources for adult to advance their digital competencies and skills.

DELSA supports the development of basic and transversal skills (Digital Skills) in an innovative way: the innovative method of DELSA relies on its bottom-up and demand driven approach while consolidating on the expertise and experience of AE practitioners and technical experts.
The innovative method also relies on the openness of approach in the exploitation of results, making of DELSA an OPEN PLATFORM not only for learning and capacity building, but also for networking, cross-border integration.

DELSA supports the integration of digital solutions and ICT in learning and education by developing, testing and validating and finally deploying at full scale a Open Educational Resource that will allow to exploit and mainstream project results outside the realm of the partnership and in other EU realities and countries.



DELSA is the concrete answer to specific needs in the field of upskilling adults, with focus on Digital Skills for Digitally Upskilling Adults. The choice for the topic (Digital Skills) is due to the relevance of digital skills in modern social and economic environment.

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