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3B Using the internet and managing information


3B Using the internet and managing information

Internet, Digital Skills, Apps, Web Resources



3b At the end of this Unit you will be able to: • Set up accounts on Skype, Twitter and Facebook • Use your accounts in your daily lives

In this module you will learn how to use apps that will assist you in your daily life. You will learn how to set up accounts on Skype, Twitter and Facebook as the main social media apps that are in use today.

 Contents in bullet points
1. Applications • Apps • Downloading apps • Skype • Twitter • Facebook


 3B Apps for connecting with people: Using Skype, Twitter and Facebook

Digital content creation

  What do I need for this unit?

A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection.
For Skype video calls you will need a camera/microphone enabled on your computer/laptop.

  What is Skype?

Skype is an app that works using the Internet.
It allows video calls and voice calls between smartphones, tablets and computers. It also allows messages.
Skype to Skype calls are free anywhere in the world so this is a really useful app to keep in contact with friends and family.

  How do I access Skype?

You can install the Skype app on your computer or laptop by going to .
Click on the ‘Get Skype’ button
Follow the instructions.
If you have a tablet or

smartphone, download

Skype from your app store.

  Using Skype

On your computer or laptop, double click on the Skype app
You will see these options:
Click on the ‘sign up’ link
Follow the steps provided

so that you can set up your


NOTE: if you already have a Hotmail or Outlook email address you can sign in with this email. Or you can use your phone number.

If you have the Skype app downloaded on your phone or tablet, just tap to open.

  Exercise: Skype in action

Copy and paste the link below into your browser window.

  What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site.
It can be used on your computer/laptop or you can download the Twitter app on your app store.
Twitter is used to follow the latest news, to follow well known people or just to stay in touch.
It allows people to type short messages (280 characters) or ‘Tweets’ which are visible to other Twitter users.
Twitter has 100 million users and 500 million tweets are sent every day!

  How do I access Twitter?

Follow the sign up


If you have a tablet or

smartphone, download

Twitter from your app store.

  Creating your Twitter account (Desktop)

When creating your account, the ‘full name’ that you use is your display name, but you can change this to whatever you want, whenever you want, so you can stay anonymous if you wish.
Choose a secure password!
Choose your interests – Twitter will then suggest people for you to follow.
Choose a picture.
Write your bio – this lets people know a bit about you.

  Creating your Twitter account (Mobile)

Fill out your name, phone number/email address. Use your real name as you will need to verify.
Enter in the verification number that you received at whatever contact information you provided. Choose a strong password.
Choose whether you'd like to sync your contacts. This may help you find Twitter followers, but if you don't want to, just tap ‘not now’.
Search for interests e.g. sport. This will help Twitter recommend good profiles for you to follow.
Twitter will suggest some accounts you can follow based on your interests. Choose ones that you   think are interesting.
You’re now ready to Tweet!  Just click on         the blue button on the top right to tweet, the grey silhouette on the   top left to change your profile picture and settings, and start tweeting!



  How to use Twitter

Twitter is great for finding out the latest news – many big news stories break on Twitter.
It is a place to chat with friends and to interact with people you follow e.g. journalists, musicians, sports people etc.
Remember – it is public!
Your tweets can have photos and links as well as text.

  The language of Twitter

Using @ is when you include somebody's @twittername in the tweet. The person will get a notification that you have mentioned them.
RT means ‘retweet’. You can RT by either repost their tweet, or you can add a comment.
DM means Direct Message. It allows you to chat in private.
Hashtag # - A word or phrase preceded by the # symbol is highlighting a key word and allows you to search for that term.

  Breaking News

The crash news hit Twitter

a full 15 minutes before the

mainstream media got hold

of the story

  Other Benefits…

Use Twitter to raise awareness/build an online community for a cause you may be interested in.
Twitter can support increased citizen engagement.
Twitter can gain media attention/increase support – remember the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’? (ALS donations from the ice bucket challenge were $15.6m, up from $1.8m for same period prev. year).