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"Tulime, in Swahili "...let's grow!", is an Italian association of people who cooperate with other people in countries traditionally considered "developing". Convinced that the idea of development needs to be completely revolutionized and that it certainly does not correspond to the one spread in traditionally "developed" countries, Tulime was born to cultivate on "difficult and poor lands" in the south and north of the world and works for the improvement of the daily life of people and communities.

Thanks to the commitment of volunteers and supporters, Tulime offers support to agriculture and livestock, promotes education and health of people and communities and works in the field of environmental sustainability and the affirmation of human rights "cultivating" respect and care for human dignity, the encounter between people of different cultures and peace among peoples".
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Ten projekt został sfinansowany przy wsparciu Komisji Europejskiej. Niniejsza strona internetowa i jej zawartość odzwierciedlają wyłącznie poglady autorów, a Komisja nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za jakiekolwiek wykorzystanie informacji w niej zawartych.