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Gabriella De Vincentiis

Gabriella De Vincentiis

I heard about the DELSA project through a teacher from my daughter's school. I never fully understood how European projects work, but as soon as the platform was pointed out to me, I thought I'd go and take a look. I was very surprised at how clear the objectives were and how well organized the platform was.

I took a look at the digital skills report and realised that I am not the only one with serious problems with technology. I viewed some courses, and it was nice to find out how some of the contents that I have always poorly understood (such as an antivirus or WhatsApp we are using now) were clearly explained in a user-friendly way: PPT and PDF to download, videos, fiches etc. I really liked this project and all the material I found.

I also found the glossary useful. It's nice to see how a European project, which seems something so big and far
away, can help me too.


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