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Mary Mullen, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan

Mary Mullen, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan

I live in a lovely area, but it is getting more difficult for older people – I mean people have less time, most people are away in jobs and people don’t call like they used to. I don’t know much about using computers, but I see my family using the computers all the time. I’d say that because younger people spend more time at their computers, they have less time for person to person chats. I get tired of people being interrupted by phones when they are talking to me.

But I attended a class for the local active retired group. I heard that I could learn about computers. I was not really interested until I realised that I could check local information such as death notices, events coming up, and I could get knitting patterns. Also learned that I could order (knitting) patterns, wool and knitting accoutrements. I also realised that I could keep in touch with grandchildren, particularly now that it is more difficult for them to visit me.

A friend of mine showed me the DELSA materials and I had a look at them. It was great to know what words like hardware and software meant. I liked that I could do it in my own time. I like to do things at my own pace. I also like that when I forget how to do something, I can go back to the DELSA site and go over it again. I will learn about the uses of the internet bit by bit.

I would like to see the DELSA project develop more. I would like more short classes, and classes that are relevant to people’s needs. It should be free for people to use. We need teachers to show our active retired group how to use this service.


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