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Pat Carey, Castlebar, Mayo

Pat Carey, Castlebar, Mayo

I do not know anything really about the internet, but I see young people on their phones all the time and I wonder what they do be doing. I often said they must find it very hard to see the phone numbers as they are always looking at the phone but don’t seem to be talking to anyone.

One of the community people here in Castlebar called one day. I was telling him how I missed seeing my daughter in Australia and how, because of the virus (Covid19) it will be a long time before she will get home. Jimmy explained that I could talk to her over the internet. I said that I phone her every week. Jimmy said he calls his son in America very often and he also sees his son and his family over the internet. I said that’s great, but it must be very expensive. Jimmy said he’d show me.

He called back with his tablet (digital device) and with a connection he called a dongle. He was able to connect and talk with Sean (his son) like he was on the TV.

So now, just two months later, I am able to call my daughter in Australia, to see her, to chat with her and its great company. Jimmy showed me how it was done. I have a tablet like Jimmy’s’, I have an internet connection and Jimmy used one of the DELSA course sections to show me step by step how it’s done. Jimmy put the course on my tablet and I just press the button and it reminds me about how to make the call.

Now that I can do that, I will do more things. There are other people I can call, and I can get the local parish news. So, it is great.

I hope Jimmy will keep helping me to learn about this way especially now with the virus.


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